Brazil and Japan sign agreement for cooperation in digital agriculture

Project aims to promote the development of sustainable agro-industrial technologies

The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and the Ministry of Agriculture (Mapa) signed an international cooperation agreement with the Japanese government. Through the agreement signed through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, basic documents were signed for the project “Collaborative Development of Precision and Digital Agriculture for the Strengthening of the Innovation Ecosystem and the Sustainability of Brazilian Agro”.

The project aims to promote the development of sustainable agro-industrial technologies, improve productivity and environmental sustainability, and the profitability of the agricultural sector through public-private collaboration between the two countries. In addition, it intends to support the establishment of a digital agriculture data platform.

The initiative also aims to support the establishment of a data platform for Brazilian agriculture. The system will disseminate technologies and information, in addition to executing three pilot projects in the production chains of beef cattle, grains and agroforestry systems.

For the general coordinator of Open Innovation at Mapa and one of the technicians responsible for the project, Daniel Trento, this partnership has been long-awaited.

“Japan has been a long-time partner of Brazilian agriculture, as it was one of the main partners in projects in the 1970s that contributed to the development of Brazilian agriculture,” said Trento. “Thus, the agreement aims to add the experience and dimension of Brazilian agriculture, on the one hand, with the experience of Japan with regard to cutting-edge technologies in the digital area.”

After the diplomatic procedures to formalize the documents signed on Friday, as the next steps, the start of the first official actions of the project is scheduled for the second half of 2022.


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