ANPEI 2020 Conference: check out what was highlighted at the biggest innovation event in Brazil

ANPEI 2020 Conference: check out what was highlighted at the biggest innovation event in Brazil

Over the four days, panels were made available with major national and international players on actions in the science, technology and innovation ecosystem

The 19th edition of the event, this time held online due to the pandemic, took place between November 16th and 19th and brought together several representatives of companies of all sizes, startups, schools and universities, authorities and government agencies, innovation hubs, research centers and other institutions related to innovation. There were more than 50 add newspeakers and debaters divided between simultaneous presentations, live and recorded, in addition to a virtual stand that allowed interaction between participants and exhibitors.

This year, the central theme of the meeting was Inova_Impact_Transform, aimed at 3 transformation axes: companies, people and country.

To clarify these and other matters, prominent names such as the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), Marcos Pontes, the President of Finep, Gen.Waldemar Barroso, Corporate Scientist & Chief Science Advocate at 3M, Jayshree Seth; the Secretary of Economic Development – São Paulo State Government, Patricia Ellen, and the President & CEO of EmbraerX and VP Innovation, Digital Transformation & New Business Development at Embraer, Daniel Moczydlower, set the tone for the event.

The welcome was given by Marcos Pontes; Rafael Navarro, President ANPEI & Head of Knowledge Management Braskem; Carlos Da Costa, Special Secretary for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness (SEPEC), at the Ministry of Economy; Gen. Waldemar Barroso, President of Finep, and Ricardo Lima, Vice President of CBMM.

During the opening ceremony, Pontes stressed the importance of innovation in the country's recovery amidst the pandemic and the actions that were and are being carried out by the MCTI in partnership with Finep and CNPq, in the fight against the new coronavirus.

According to the Minister, it is in times of difficulties that the need for new solutions and the importance of innovations, seeking greater efficiency, solving problems that did not yet exist, and so on, appear. “Along this path, it is necessary to remind companies about their evolution and for them to position themselves in a more adequate and favorable way in the post-pandemic within the country and in the new reorganization of international markets”, he emphasized.

For those of you who cannot follow the event, we have selected the best parts:

Opening Key Note Speaker – “Innovating for Impact and Transformation…Lessons Learned”

Corporate Scientist & Chief Science Advocate at 3M, Dr. Jayshree Seth, opened the event with a provocation about the changes in the VUCA world and a proposal to reread the acronym. In addition, he shared his story at 3M, expressed his opinion on the importance of innovation in companies and presented a survey on how the world and, in particular, Brazilians, see science.

“From idea to market: Finep and instruments for fostering innovation”

In this panel, the director of Finep, Alberto Dantas, and the superintendents Paulo Roberto Costa, Mauricio Syrio, Newton Hamatsu and Rodrigo Secioso discussed Finep's role in the innovation chain and presented the different lines of financing aimed at promoting strategic scientific projects. technological.

Among its initiatives presented are:

  • Acting together with universities through non-refundable credit, supporting companies in their initial phase through programs such as Centelha and Tecnova, in addition to supporting university laboratory infrastructures.
  • Support to startups through investments and public calls.
  • Direct and indirect refundable instruments.

FINEP's investments reach R$ 10 million in individual funds directed to a project to foster innovation. A network of 21 thousand decentralized agents collaborates in the national coverage so that important innovation projects can have visibility. Regarding the fight against Covid-19, 300,000 R$ have been invested so far, including the development of two genuinely national vaccines, as well as diagnostic tests. For credit directed to companies that develop products and services to combat Covid-19, R$ 600 million are available and have long payment terms of up to 12 years. Finep operates on many fronts beyond health, such as agribusiness and biofuels, and has played an essential role in fostering innovation in Brazil.

Country Axis - National Focus

The first panel presented live had the participation of Carlos Américo Pacheco, Director-President of the Technical Administrative Council – FAPESP, Paulo Gandolfi, Vice President ANPEI & Director of R&D and Innovation Operations 3M Latin America, and Ana Torkomian, Full Professor from the Production Engineering Department – UFSCar.

The discussion on the purposes and issues relevant to the innovation agenda in Brazilian society raised 3 questions: How to measure the impact of innovation policies on citizens' lives, on the competitiveness of companies and the country? What are the results of current policies and instruments for promoting research and development in Brazil? What can we improve to quickly reach better positions in the international innovation and competitiveness rankings?

Gandolfi presented a study with the participation of Durval Garcia, Innovation Manager at GAC Brazil. The disclosed indicators allow ANPEI and associates to measure their innovation results in comparison with other companies in Brazil and in the world, in addition to monitoring and improving policies that strengthen the national innovation ecosystem, and support the identification of the best business practices and new international standard public policy actions.

Gandolfi also highlighted the role of ANPEI as an interlocutor between the different actors in the innovation ecosystem, as well as that of promoting and drawing up plans for the national innovation policy. He also highlighted the progress of organizing innovation indicators to help guide discussions with companies, the Government and other actors.

IPEA, on the other hand, showed research data on the situation of Brazilian innovation and mentioned several improvements that need to be carried out. UFSCar brought an ongoing survey, FORTEC 2019, carried out in partnership with the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-SP), showing the challenges of ICT's, companies and the country for innovation and the use of technology. Finally, FAPESP was commenting and questioning the guests, such as about the last Innovation Survey (PINTEC 2017).

On the third day, 11/18, the Panel 'Science and Technology: The Brazilian potential', the company CBMM led the conversation, showing the guests' professional stories, and remembering the CBMM Science and Technology Award, which values innovation in science in the Country. João Fernando De Oliveira, Member of the Board of Directors, of CBMM; Cesar Vitoria, winner of the CBMM Science Award – Infectious Infectologist Coordinator of the International Center for Equity in Health; Fernando Galembeck, winner of the CBMM Tecnologia Award – Doctor in Chemistry and Professor IQ Unicamp (retired).

People Axis

Also on 11/18, at 5:00 pm, within the People Hub, we had a discussion about the importance of culture within the company to promote innovation, the role of internal leaders, the need for the team's capabilities and competences and, of course, a good communication to be able to involve all levels and reach and even exceed goals and keep the company united and competitive. Experiences about the internal Innovation Committee and guidelines for Governance were mentioned. The audience can participate with questions answered by the speakers, Rodrigo Miranda, Director of Operations at GAC Brazil and Durval Garcia, Innovation Manager at GAC Brazil; Anderson Oba, Commercial, Marketing and Innovation Director at Nitro and Paulo Cesar Pavan, Senior Vice President of R&I at Rhodia Brasil.

On the occasion, the Study 'Organizational Capabilities to Innovate' was launched, where ANPEI and GAC Brasil invite companies from different segments to participate, free of charge. The search is digital and platform-based InnoSurvey®, unprecedented in the country. According to Rodrigo Miranda,“All areas of the company are invited to answer a 15-minute questionnaire, with a sample of at least 100 employees. Innovation capabilities are assessed through 16 aspects, and we are able to 'see' which innovation processes are in progress, leadership styles, culture and 'personas' part of the company. The data is processed using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, supported by Big Data and compared with a database of innovative companies in the same segment around the world. Thus, we generate a diagnosis with guidelines for strategic innovation planning and we advise the entire trajectory of the company's adaptation or change', explains the executive.

Companies Axis

The highlight on November 19, at the end of the event, at Eixo Empresas, in the Main Auditorium, was Patrica Ellen, Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of the State of São Paulo. With the presentation 'The view of the Government of SP for the State's Innovation strategy', the guest listed the various actions in progress to boost the innovative environment in the state. Ellen stated that 'our aspiration is to make São Paulo a global reference in productivity, science, technology and innovation, stimulating economic development, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, but in a sustainable way, socially and environmentally'.

The main actions mentioned were to create conditions for increasing the launch of patents, for the foundation of startups; support to RD&I institutions and universities/Institutes of Science and Technology; the creation of the International Technology Center and Innovation - CITI, to place Brazil in the world network of the 4th Industrial Revolution  and aims to structure the Brazilian Silicon Valley; the attraction of international investments with the Program Resume 21/22, with the goal of attracting R$ 36 billion, focusing on infrastructure projects, with a total of 19 projects being developed by the Secretariat. Another pillar of the Government is qualification, work and entrepreneurship, through the expansion of ongoing programs, among other fronts.

Then, the Panel bringing the evolution of the business model, successful B2B and B2C innovation, open innovation and co-innovation, ICT`s and large companies and the new digital wave, presented the experiences of Daniel Moczydlower, President & CEO of EmbraerX and VP Innovation, Digital Transformation & New Business Development at Embraer; Rafael Navarro, Braskem President ANPEI & Head of Knowledge Management; Bruno Bragazza Innovation, New Business and Intellectual Property Manager at BOSCH and Lidiane Oliveira, SOLVAY Research and Innovation Director and ANPEI Director.

The following discussions were proposed: How to evolve the business model to meet the new market realities? Between process innovation (B2B) and product innovation (B2C), who is really applying it in practice and successfully? What is open innovation and coinnovation? What are the best practices in the relationship between startups and large corporations? Are the practices between ICT's and large companies already mature? How to understand the digital wave revolution we are experiencing?

simultaneous programming

Within the simultaneous program, GAC Brasil presented six lectures, one in the Main Auditorium, with Magnus Penker, writer and CEO of Innovation360, with the theme 'Beyond Innovation Management. How Innovation is affected by People and Culture'. The other themes were Innovation Strategy, Framework for Innovation, Innovation management, open innovation and Fostering Innovation and are available at the stand, on the link contentGAC-ANPEI2020. Access to the event will be possible for subscribers from 15 days after the end of the broadcast (11/19).

More on Simultaneous Programming

ENRICH In Brazil, our partner, was also present, with Filipe Casapo, SENAI Electro-Chemistry Innovation Institute Manager, President Enrich in Brazil and ANPEI Director, discussing the theme ENRICH in Brazil – Smart Cities, Smart Energy, with guests.

In this section, there was once again the participation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI), represented by Paulo Alvim, Secretary of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, who presented the Panel 'National Innovation Policy and its instruments', showing all the operating mechanisms that benefit both the public and the private sector for innovation.

About InnoSurvey® – the platform was launched by Innovation360, a company with presence in Stockholm (Sweden, head office), Toronto (Canada), New York (United States) and Sydney (Australia). work with a database consisting of 10 years integrating thousands of innovative companies in over 100 countries. IT'S result of 30 years of research at major universities of Innovation Management (Harvard, Insead, MIT). has a technology based on Artificial Intelligence and "Deep Learning" which performs over 100 million calculations for each diagnosis.

If you registered for the event and were unable to follow the entire schedule, please remember that the Conference will be online for 15 days from 11/19!


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