Debate, lectures, guidance and precious tips for your business: GAC Brasil at the ANPEI 2020 Conference

During the 4 days of the event, we presented news, such as the launch of one of the most advanced strategic innovation management tools in the world.

As members of ANPEI and official sponsors of ANPEI Conference 2020 - Inova_Impact_Transform, GAC Brasil had an intense presence during the event, online for the first time. Introducing Innosurvey® (see previous blog post), in addition to exclusive content on Structure for Innovation, Innovation Strategy, Innovation Management, Open Innovation and Fostering Innovation.

In our stand virtual and also, within the schedule, we presented six talks on innovation, one in the Main Auditorium, with Magnus Penker, writer and CEO of Innovation360, with the theme 'Beyond Innovation Management. How Innovation is affected by People and Culture'.

Check out a preview of the topics presented:

Innovation Strategy

The first theme, on the Innovation Strategy, brought the main elements to outline a successful innovation plan and thought. By demonstrating how organizations can mainly take advantage of the moment of crisis to drive innovation, we seek to highlight the importance of adapting to changes, in addition to showing how Innosurvey® can collaborate in this strategic intelligence, as an innovative assessment and diagnosis tool, unprecedented in Brazil.

Framework for Innovation

The second theme addressed the Framework for Innovation, which is extremely important for defining organizational capabilities, whether internal or external. We present a new way of assessing critical capabilities for ideation, project selection, development and commercialization.

Innovation management

Managing innovation is coordinating and mobilizing resources from internal and external partners in order to explore technological and market opportunities aligned with strategic business priorities. Thus, it becomes essential for strategic and tactical planning to be carried out, with a schedule of actions to be carried out, from diagnosis and complete advice – assessment – to evaluation and adjustments for continuity, the post-assessment. It thus enables a complete understanding of the state of innovation within a company, analysis of the starting point and definition of the approach and tools to be used.

During the lecture, we mainly demonstrated the processes and systems that need to be mapped and the ISO model of innovation - a standard to guarantee what is innovation or not, as well as we present a new tool, the ideation360, a SaaS platform that allows collecting, agglutinating and linking ideas to strategic initiatives, supported by Artificial Intelligence. This tool is also part of the company Innovation360, of which GAC Brasil is a Golden Partner.

open innovation

The fourth theme, Open Innovation, highlighted the different ways of applying this approach that is increasingly present in organizations. It is an excellent source for improving processes, services or products, as in addition to accelerating innovation inside and outside the company, it allows access to projects that have often already been tested, reducing the chance of more serious errors.

Open Innovation has been very successful and cases in large companies - some brought by the Conference - and encourages different paths to change and expand the business model.

Fostering Innovation 

Specific incentive, financing and grant laws were created for the continuous advancement of the R&D area. Generally, companies lose these resources, some non-refundable, for not knowing the sources, not knowing how to write a project or provide the necessary documentation. In this last lecture, we present the main sources of support that exist today in the Brazilian and international innovation ecosystem, the steps to obtain public resources, the fundraising process and the possibilities of combining these different sources of support.

'Organizational Capabilities to Innovate'

On Wednesday (18), GAC Brasil launched an unprecedented study in the country, 'Organizational Capabilities to Innovate' in partnership with ANPEI, and with a company that used the platform InnoSurvey®., digital technology base of the Study.

The event took place during the roundtable at Eixo Pessoas, with Rodrigo Miranda, Director of Operations, and Durval Garcia, Manager of Innovation, company executives, and with the presence of Anderson Oba, Commercial, Marketing and Innovation Director of Nitro and Paulo Cesar Pavan, Senior Vice President of R&I at Rhodia Brasil.

If you have registered, you can still check for 15 days, starting on 11/19, the entire event and the exclusive material made available by GAC Brasil in our virtual stand, on the ANPEI 2020 Conference platform. YouTube channel, subscribe to our channel!


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