Innovation Strategy: topic debated by GAC Brasil at the ANPEI 2020 Conference

Lecture given by GAC Brasil will highlight the main processes to define how to make innovation happen  

During the 16th and 19th of November, GAC Brasil will be present at the 19th edition of the biggest innovation event in Brazil – the ANPEI 2020 Conference, as an official sponsor and speaker.

Throughout the event, we will present 6 themes. In the main auditorium, we will have an international lecture, 'Beyond Innovation Management:
How Innovation is affected by People and Culture' with Magnus Penker, CEO of Innovation360, creator of the platform INNOSURVEY ©, a company to which we are Golden Partners – and we are presenting this digital solution to the market, unprecedented in Brazil. We will also talk, as part of our program displayed on our virtual stand, about the themes of our areas of expertise, 'Structure for Innovation', 'Innovation Management', 'Open Innovation' and 'Innovation Fostering'. We highlight here the theme that precedes the others, in terms of order of importance and priority, the 'Innovation Strategy' and its main elements of success.

Most countries had their economy affected as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, and the present scenario strongly demonstrated the need for constant investment in innovation. Changes are taking place, taking companies from all sectors to the digital world, whether through the reinvention of the business model; due to the use of Big Data; the need to transform processes to online language; incorporate Artificial Intelligence in operations, and other aspects and trends. However, without a strategy, efforts can be wasted, meaning wasted time and money.

To demonstrate how organizations can mainly take advantage of the crisis moment and drive innovation, we will bring the process, understanding the value proposition, how to identify key drivers and scenario development. We will also highlight the importance of adapting organizations to changes in the context. Remembering that INNOSURVEY ©, a tool that will be launched during the event and also shown in the lecture 'Structure for Innovation', performs a 360° analysis of the company's organizational innovation capabilities and shows data through 16 'lenses', or aspects, that locate all the strengths and weaknesses of an organization's innovation. Along with the interpretation of these data, GAC Brasil carries out the assessment, with guidelines, planning and monitoring of all the stages for the transformation of an area or an entire business towards innovation.

Do you want to know how to carry out a digital diagnosis and start or improve your Strategic Innovation Management?

Join us at the biggest innovation event in Brazil!

We will soon make available more news about the participation of GAC Brasil in the ANPEI 2020 Conference.

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