Strategic Innovation Management: how to do it using diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence and a new consulting model

On 11/18, the GAC Brazil launched an unprecedented study in the country, 'Organizational Capabilities to Innovate' in partnership with ANPEI, in the ANPEI 2020 Conference – Inova_Impact_Transforma, online event, which took place from the 16th to the 19th of November, which we were official sponsors. Check out more about our participation on here.

The launch of the Study took place during the round table – Round Table, in the People Hub, with Rodrigo Miranda, Operations Director, and Durval Garcia, Innovation Manager, company executives, and with the presence of Anderson Oba, Commercial Director, Marketing and Innovation from Nitro and Paulo Cesar Pavan, Senior Vice President of R&I at Rhodia Brasil. The search is based on the platform. InnoSurvey® and is open to interested parties until 12/04.

The event was in its 19th edition and brought together the main authorities, companies, discussion entities, and/or RD&I and/or development, universities, startups, independent researchers and investors, discussing innovation based on three axes: Companies, People and Country , with national and international guests.

The participation of GAC Brasil in the Conference and the promotion of this Study is intended to demonstrate that investing large sums of capital in innovation alone is no guarantee of success. Several global surveys have already shown that just increasing the amount invested in R&D will not translate into better economic and financial performance by companies. It is essential to align innovation capabilities with business strategy.

Strategic Innovation Management: how to do it

In order to correctly target innovation within a company, including involving a large contingent of employees and branches spread across several locations, we understand that it is necessary to make a different and more efficient diagnosis than the current ones, and there is already tested and state-of-the-art technology approved by some of the most innovative companies in the world.

According to Rodrigo Miranda,“Management assertiveness begins with choosing the approach to understand a company's state of innovation. That's why we brought the InnoSurvey®, the world's leading and most advanced innovation diagnostic tool, taking data analysis to another level. All areas of the company are invited to answer a 15-minute questionnaire, with a sample of at least 100 employees. Innovation capabilities are assessed through 16 aspects, and we are able to 'see' which innovation processes are in progress, leadership styles, culture and 'personas' part of the company. The data is processed using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, supported by Big Data and compared with a database of innovative companies in the same segment around the world. Thus, we generate a diagnosis with guidelines for a strategic planning of innovation and we advise the entire trajectory of adaptation or change of the company', explains the executive.

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More about the InnoSurvey® the platform was launched by Innovation360, a company with presence in Stockholm (Sweden, head office), Toronto (Canada), New York (United States) and Sydney (Australia). work with a database consisting of 10 years integrating thousands of innovative companies in over 100 countries. IT'S result of 30 years of research at major universities of Innovation Management (Harvard, Insead, MIT). has a technology based on Artificial Intelligence and "Deep Learning" which performs over 100 million calculations for each diagnosis.

About the event: a GAC Brazil is an official sponsor. In your stand virtual and also, within the program, presents six lectures on innovation, one in the Main Auditorium, with Magnus Penker, writer and CEO of Innovation360, with the theme 'Beyond Innovation Management. How Innovation is affected by People and Culture'. The other themes are Innovation Strategy, Framework for Innovation, Innovation management, open innovation and Fostering Innovation and are available at the stand, on the link contentGAC-ANPEI2020. Those registered for the event can access the entire program for 15 days, starting on 11/19.


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