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At GAC Group, as a civic and socially responsible company, we implement actions to promote the development of inclusion and diversity. We make a difference by carrying out concrete activities for this purpose, which underpin the richness of our business culture and have a positive impact on the development of our employees, on the relationship with customers and on our network.

This commitment is reflected in all dimensions of the company and we are convinced that our corporate culture, carried by these values of inclusion and diversity, also promotes creativity, innovation and a strong sense of belonging.

In Brazil, we have carried out donation campaigns, such as 'Christmas Bag' for vulnerable children; the 'Quarantina sem Fome', of food baskets for needy families and the 'Campanha do Agasalho' for the donation of clothes to face the winter.

Recruitment & Management

We promote a variety of backgrounds, experiences, cultures and nationalities in our recruiting and encourage different management styles as a result of complementary management approaches.

As such, we value the variety of profiles and stories.

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of women in our total workforce.
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of women in our Management Committee

male leadership and the female

GAC Group promotes gender diversity and has been committed for years to a process of professional equality between women and men and equal opportunity.

Our professional equality policy is based on three pillars:

– Promote a balanced representation of women and men – within the group, parity is a reality.

– Promote women's access to positions of responsibility and their representation at all levels of the company.

– Establishing pay equity: Within an equal performance framework, we attach unequivocal importance to equality between women and men. The excellent scores measured on the gender pay gap indicators and the annual increases in the gender equality index demonstrate our commitment to equity.

Furthermore, if equal pay is one of the foundations of professional equality, we have other equally strong challenges: diversity of professions, key positions and a balance between personal and professional life.

Equality IndexWomen Men

GAC Group results for the reporting period January 1 to December 31, 2020: 88 points.

In 2021, we continue our commitment to the objective of strengthening our actions in a sustainable manner.

Our actions in favor of education and transmission of knowledge

Aware that gender diversity also drives performance, the aim is to encourage women's vocations in engineering and technology.

The GAC Group is a partner of the association Elles Bougent (France), which promotes scientific professions among girls and young women.

Our goal is to awaken vocations, thanks to the work of our Elles Bougent godmothers and ambassadors and to awareness campaigns and events: Innovation Challenges, testimonials from elementary and high school students, Recruitment forums, among others.

GAC'UPAccelerator to start a business and drive growth

As innovation is at the heart of our business, we wanted to support the growth of young talent. Therefore, we opened GAC'UP, our start-up accelerator, in 2018.

This support program is aimed at innovative start-ups in the acceleration phase.

We believe that sharing our experiences in innovation and performance consulting can help develop and create positive impacts for start-ups that want to contribute to society's progress.

Selected start-ups evolve over two to three years in our various facilities in Issy les Moulineaux and in the region (France) and benefit from meetings with partners, potential customers or investors.

With access to the company's internal skills, startups get personalized advice on a wide range of subjects (fundraising, structuring the innovation strategy, innovation marketing, international development, among others).

To launch the GAC'UP and supporting these young offspring in their strategic affairs, the GAC Group has surrounded itself with a network of expert partners and volunteers in France:

experience in action, accounting firm;

bird & bird, international law firm;

EMES Conseil, specialist in sales training;

Private Financial Funds, private investment fund.

We will soon be launching our next promotion, dedicated to those active in the Social and Solidarity Economy!

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