Our businesses and experience

what sets us apart

GAC Group fulfills its mission of serving the competitiveness, development and growth of its customers and regions, working in four areas in Brazil: innovation structure, innovation management, open innovation and fostering innovation. At our headquarters in France, we offer the following portfolio of services: 


We help our clients and regions in their resilience in order to quickly overcome economic disruptions, improve the performance of their assets and enhance the value of their resources and their sectors:

  • Innovation strategy and excellence sectors;
  • Assessment of public policies;
  • Structuring of R&D projects;
  • Public and private financing of Innovation;
  • Collaborative European projects;
  • Human capital development;
  • Management of HR indicators;
  • real estate asset management;
  • Investment financing.

development and growth

We help regions and our clients to face their growth challenges and develop their projects and their impacts in response to environmental, economic and social challenges:

  • Innovation development;
  • Innovation Marketing;
  • Economic development strategy;
  • Entrepreneurship and Hosting Companies;
  • Promotion of interregional programs;
  • Promotion of international cooperation;
  • Creation of social value;
  • Acceleration of transformations;
  • Digital acceleration.
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