our talents

what connects us

At GAC Group, our Reason for being, Innovation and Performance for Impact is an ongoing commitment to help address the economic, social and environmental challenges of our customers and regions.

We train and develop talents, who are committed to bringing our mission to life and embodying ours Reason for being, with all of our 2000 corporate and public organization customers and our stakeholders, partners, institutions and communities.

Therefore, we prioritize the training, skills and experience of our 200 employees to serve our purpose on a day-to-day basis.

The complementary experiences of our employees (engineers, doctors, project managers, economists, financiers, lawyers, marketing specialists, computer specialists, among others), bring together cutting-edge and multidisciplinary skills, acting in a sectorial and specialized manner depending on the areas and challenges of our customers.

Expertise and operational excellence

Our consultants' knowledge of industry trends offers added and differentiating value for concrete solutions in response to our clients' strategic and operational challenges.

Proximity and customer satisfaction

Our presence, as close as possible to the needs of our customers, organizations and locations, allows us to respond adequately to regional challenges and the specificities of local ecosystems.

Support and development

The mission of our consultants is to support our branches and our customers in their competitiveness to face today's challenges, anticipate their development for tomorrow and contribute to the sustainability of their growth.

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