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Who Are

Our mission is to support companies and locations in accelerating their innovation and performance for responsible development and sustainable growth.

Our objective is to fulfill this mission, respecting the sustainable progress of our customers and the development of our employees.

In a context of constant accelerations and challenges, we help project leaders, companies of all sizes, public organizations and our entire ecosystem to find innovative and efficient solutions with a positive, inclusive and sustainable impact on their organizations, on our country and on the world.

This reason for being, Innovation and Performance for Impact, is a daily commitment to contribute to the transformation of companies and regions where they are located, in the sense of Resilience and Renovation of your organization.

Our Values

Trust, Commitment and Excellence are the values and foundations of our organization. This DNA defines the spirit of our company and governs all of our daily behavior and actions.

Armed with this operational base, all our employees contribute to a more inclusive growth and responsible progress for our Company.


Trust is the fundamental value that unites us.

This value is the key factor in our collective success in turning challenges into opportunities.

We are confident in the future and in each of our employees, and we firmly believe in each one's ability to work for the common good.

Trust is also the core value we embed in our relationships with our customers, our ecosystem and all our stakeholders.


Commitment is the second pillar of our foundations.

Responsible investment, through the actions of our employees, is at the heart of our daily actions to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges of our customers and regions.

We are committed to achieving our customers' goals, and our development within the GAC Group. , to group and concretely work as a responsible actor in society.

This commitment demonstrates the meaning of our mission to contribute to the responsible development and sustainable growth of our Company.


Excellence is the third pillar of our foundations.

We invest our energy and ambitions in our know-how, in the success and quality of our missions, in the development of our employees' skills, in the quality of relationships with our stakeholders and in the satisfaction of our customers.

The search for excellence and continuous improvement is a source of sustainable performance for our employees and customers.
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