Inova HFA program takes more technology with artificial intelligence in healthcare

Recently signed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, in Brasília, the inter-ministerial ordinance responsible for creating the Inova HFA program, which has the participation of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, will act in the testing and validation of innovative technologies for later use across the country's entire healthcare system. The objective is to make the Armed Forces Hospital (HFA) in Brasília act as an incubator and project accelerator.

The partnership between the MCTI and the HFA was highlighted by Minister Marcos Pontes with reference to the use of the robot Laura, which monitors hospitalized patients and issues alerts to the medical team 10 hours in advance in cases of clinical deterioration, based on artificial intelligence.

MCTI's initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health will test and validate technologies for the entire health system in the country

The Laura robot was created by Instituto Laura president Jacson Fressatto and inaugurated at the HFA in March of this year. With the loss of a prematurely born daughter due to sepsis, a complication of widespread infection, in 2010, the systems architect developed a cognitive robot that reads a large amount of patient information and issues alerts in advance when detecting infection, which already helped save more than 12,000 lives, according to the Institute.

According to Marcos Pontes, in addition to the Laura robot, there are plans to develop other types of systems and equipment that help patients, doctors and health professionals. The minister adds and emphasizes the importance of science and technology actions for the country, and measures the new partnership as a solution and inclusion of these technologies.

The logistical commander of the Armed Forces Hospital, General Rui Matsuda, explained that the incentive to innovation it will be done through cooperation between government, companies and academia, and he highlighted that the initiative is part of a larger project for the creation of an intelligent hospital. According to Rui Matsuda, the Inova HFA comes up with the challenge of being the core for the prototype of a digital and intelligent hospital.

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