Framework for Innovation

The failure rate for launching new products or services varies between 70% and 80% worldwide. However, some companies act and innovate in a sustainable, permanent way, accumulating one success after another, even during the so-called 'crises'. What are the main success factors for aligning innovation and performance?

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The innovation diagnosis allows a 360° analysis of the company's innovation capabilities, to improve and sustain the value creation process.

Assessment - context assessment

Understanding the context and issues related to the company's field of activity.

Definition of the scope to be diagnosed and choice of profiles to be interviewed within the organization (managers, employees) and external (customers, suppliers, service providers, among others).

Diagnosis of ISO 56002 innovation and adherence

Use of INNOSURVEY® technology (a solution developed by the Swedish company Innovation360) for the quantitative analysis of research results, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, crossing with data from 6,000 companies using this solution, in more than 100 countries.

Action plan

Results analysis;

Identification of misalignments and risks;

Recommendations for action plans to resolve project discrepancies and results;

Conducting meetings with the decision-making level of the company to validate hypotheses.


Structuring of an innovation governance model within the organization, together with decision-making levels;

Documentation of the management system, to facilitate the administration of acquired and practiced knowledge.

Creation of the Innovation Committee within the company, to make the management of the assessment and diagnosis of innovation more efficient.


Development of people management policies;

Change management to collaborate with the adaptation of employees to the company's new moment;

Organizational structure to correctly distribute roles and responsibilities within the team.


Training leaders for innovation, identifying internal talents to drive new processes.


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Framework for Innovation

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