Innovation management

The failure rate for launching new products or services varies between 70% and 80% worldwide. However, some companies act and innovate in a sustainable, permanent way, accumulating one success after another, even during the so-called 'crises'. What are the main success factors for aligning innovation and performance?

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Formulation of Innovation Strategy

Technological Roadmap – or Technological Project Map, which works as a guide to point out the most suitable paths for launching a product or a new project. Collaborates to achieve strategic goals and add value to the business. 

Technological Routes – support tool for planning research and development projects. Its purpose is to identify, select and develop technologies to satisfy a certain set of needs or products that have already been defined.

Metrics and Evaluation


Metrics – these are ways of measuring results, which GAC establishes with the client to monitor the project's evolution.

Performance indicators – use of tools to assess project performance.

Impact indicators – through qualitative and quantitative references, it is possible to indicate whether the strategic objectives of the business were achieved.

Competitive and Technological Intelligence

Technological prospecting – is the search for new technologies, new products and services or how they were developed technologically.

Scenario Construction – when the company is enabled to carry out forecasts, design alternative futures and establish competitive strategies.

Innovation Management Tools

Innovation Project Portfolio Management – provides greater assertiveness and alignment between demands and market developments, organizational goals and decisions that permeate the company's projects, reinforcing innovation as essential for organizational strategy.


Ideation – the induction and capture of new ideas for innovation projects, through the Ideation360° digital tool, unprecedented in Brazil.


Evaluation, selection and monitoring of innovation projects – to ensure a desirable and constant level of competitiveness.


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Innovation management

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