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The failure rate for launching new products or services varies between 70% and 80% worldwide. However, some companies act and innovate in a sustainable, permanent way, accumulating one success after another, even during the so-called 'crises'. What are the main success factors for aligning innovation and performance?

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Private ICT Structuring

Feasibility Analysis – involves projecting expenses, projecting revenues, projecting cash flow, monitoring financial and performance indicators (such as opportunity cost and payback).  


Implementation of ICT – legal and technical provisions for the creation and implementation of a Private Institute of Science and Technology.


Strategic Management – management direction aligned with the company's strategic objectives.


Ideation – with Ideation360, an unprecedented platform in Brazil, the ideation and clustering process of ideas becomes digital and has no time or place limits.


Call for projects – enabling an open innovation project with the preparation of the company to carry out public calls. 


Partnership structuring – ecosystem assessment for suggestion and subsequent partnership structuring.

Collaborative Innovation

ICT-Empresa – evaluation and monitoring of an Institute of Science and Technology in the market to partner with the company. This alliance can facilitate access to new research and researchers in the area of interest, seeking important sources to help generate innovations.

Consortia – evaluation of opportunities, risks and rewards for the formation of consortia that can involve clients and associated partners such as NIT's (Science and Technology Centers).  

Company-University – bringing the company closer to public or private education entities that can collaborate with the innovation process.

Innovation Networks

Sectoral innovation networks – partnering with one or more networks to exchange information, knowledge and resources, and collaborate to implement innovations.


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open innovation

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