agriculture and agribusiness

We are ready to support agriculture and agribusiness in new technological processes for the 4.0 expansion in Brazil.

Brazilian agribusiness represents 26% of the country's GDP, around R$ 1.97 trillion in 2020, and in 2021 it should reach 261 million tons of grains, accumulating records in recent years. The success is due to new forms of management, the use of science, technology and innovation from soil preparation, through inputs and agricultural machinery, to genetic improvement and creation of new products, such as vegetable meat, and the use of Artificial Intelligence and telecommunications for monitoring and evaluating agricultural areas.

In global terms, the growth in demand for food in the coming years will be enormous, according to the United Nations (UN), which estimates the planet's population at 9.3 billion people by 2050. It will be necessary to increase global production by 50% and Brazil is one of the world's food security economies.

With the arrival of 5G and the evolution of local and family farming, there is still a lot of demand for improvements and innovations in agribusiness. Sustainable production, driven by changes in the consumer profile, increasingly aligned with environmental issues, becomes a major challenge for producers of all sizes.

Maintaining a constantly growing market, loyal consumers, whether inside or outside the country, being aware of changes in society and accompanying these changes with the launch of new products and services are generally difficult tasks to carry out alone, for the actors in this chain, and It is for this reason that GAC Brasil develops a strategic consultancy to support these clients in agribusiness solutions.   

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agriculture and agribusiness

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