Energy and environment

The maintenance and evolution of society depend on energy and the preservation of the environment

The production of energy it is a vast area and an engine of human development. In Brazil, energy is produced from water sources, wind power, biomass, natural gas, oil and fossils, mineral coal, photovoltaic solar, nuclear energy and other sources, in that order in terms of productive participation.

About 46.1% of the energy produced in the country for various commercial and residential purposes comes from renewable sources (the world level is 14.2%).

The most used renewable energy source in Brazil, hydraulic energy represents 61% of the country's electricity generation. The investments required in centralized generation, distributed generation and transmission are estimated at R$ 365 billion over the next 25 years.

The modernization of the electricity sector makes use of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to manage large volumes of data. In this perspective, there are numerous possibilities for investment and innovation, considering the large territorial extension of Brazil and the need to take energy to regions still under development; just as the trend towards the decarbonization of the economy opens spaces for the creation and expansion of new forms of energy production.

In this way, the development of green finance and ESG practices by companies, mainly, contributes to the expansion of renewable energy in the country.

Thus, a clean energy matrix demands investments and integration of the energy and environment areas, and environmental sustainability must be seen as an opportunity for socioeconomic development, boosting companies and governments.

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Energy and environment

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