Health and Pharmacist

Large brands, cutting-edge professionals, and the rapid emergence of helthtechs have shown the country's ability to generate technology and global solutions.

Brazil represents the seventh largest pharmaceutical market in the world, in the ranking of the 20 main economies and is projected to occupy the fifth place in 2023. revenues from pharmacies in 2020 was R$ 139.37 billion, against R$ 120.54 billion in the previous year. It corresponds to approximately 2% of the world market, and in Latin America, it is the main supplier.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been accelerating technology and innovation in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry. And around the world, the search for immediate solutions like new diagnostic tests, drugs and vaccines against the virus has become essential.

We are ready to assist this industry in expanding its innovation competences, in the development of radical innovation, with the creation of new molecules, and in the creation of scientific and technological institutions (ICT), for example.

We know that the capacity for local innovation offers greater flexibility for adapting products in the future, observing the existence of viral mutations and focusing on greater production efficiency. Only by mastering these innovation capabilities can a company be able to outline a long-term strategy and thus create bases for the development of products of public interest.

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Health and Pharmacist

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