SP Conecta Cidades: Program encourages municipalities to develop their startup ecosystems

InvestSP's project has the participation of andentrepreneurs, public managers and investors in the development of development actions appropriate to the context of each municipality

Considered the most developed innovation hub in Brazil, the State of São Paulo currently has the largest number of unicorn startups in the country.

Among the factors that explain the success of São Paulo's innovation ecosystem are its economic protagonism at the national and global level, the availability of qualified labor and a favorable business environment for investor relations.

In addition to the capital, other centers of innovation are emerging in the interior of the state, largely associated with centers of excellence in academic research such as Campinas, Piracicaba, São Carlos and São José dos Campos.

Aiming to encourage the development of innovative entrepreneurship in more municipalities in the interior, InvestSP developed the SP Conecta Cidades project, which brings together representatives from the public, corporate, academic and investors sectors in two workshops, in which action plans are drawn up. contribute to the advancement of startup ecosystems in cities in the interior of the state.

“We created SP Conecta Cidades after verifying that there are many people interested in contributing to the development of an innovation environment in their cities. However, some institution was needed to put these people in contact. That's what we're doing, organizing these people into work groups, which act as initiators of a greater movement to expand the ecosystem in their municipalities”, said the manager of the startup area at InvestSP, Franklin Ribeiro.

How SP Conecta Cidades works

At first, recommendations are offered for the advancement of the ecosystem. They are identified based on a study of actions taken successfully in other parts of the world.

With this information, the participants assess the ones that best fit their environment and devise ways to implement them in their municipalities. At the end of the workshop, participants have a document that will assist them in taking actions to develop their innovation environment.

With the positive feedback received in the pilot editions, the project will be carried out in 10 cities throughout 2022. The first edition of the year will take place in February.

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